How to Add Someone to your Crush list on Orkut

Orkut crush list is specially designed to promote Orkut user’s crush feelings. You can add anyone to your crush list without revealing anything to the person. Now if the other person shares the same thoughts for you and adds you to his/her crush list, Orkut will send an email to both of you with a sweet note like both of you like each other. This is a pretty cool concept to grab some love on Orkut. Read the rest of this entry »

Block or Restrict Friend Requests from Unknown People on orkut

Many of us don’t like adding unknown people to our friends list on Orkut. However there are people who keep sending friend requests to every other person just to increase their friends count. Personally speaking, each day I get 20+ requests on Orkut, but my friends list is limited to 112 only at this moment. I really don’t like adding unknown people to my list and that’s why I manually decline their pending requests everyday. However, you can use a filter to automatically block friend requests from unknown people. Read the rest of this entry »

Send Glitter Scraps using Orkut Picture Scraps Application

I have developed a Orkut application which will make your Orkut scrapping job more attractive and easier. Now you don’t have to move here and there or open several sites to send picture comments to your friends. Simply add Orkut picture scarps application to your profile and start sending picture scraps without leaving Orkut interface. Read the rest of this entry »

Orkut Gtalk Chat Settings Tutorial

Gtalk is one of the most popular integrations on Orkut. Gradually Orkut is experiencing less no of scarps on scrapbooks and high usages of Gtalk chat feature. People love this because it’s convenient, easy to communicate and fast. However, all of us don’t know that we can customize Gtalk chat windows on orkut interface according to our needs. Orkut provides a handful of options to get this small Gtalk chat window customized according to our needs. Let’s know how to customize it. Read the rest of this entry »

Disable Photo Tagging to Stay Safe on Orkut

Orkut photo tagging feature adds more functions to your Orkut album photos. You can tag your several friends in one single photo. But this feature openly challenges Orkut user’s privacy issues. Let’s say you want to hide your photos from those who are not in your friends list, but if one of your friends have tagged your photo and his album is open to all, anyone on Orkut will be able to see your photo. You can read the details on how to see someone’s photo even if she has locked her album. So, it would be a wise idea to disable photo tagging on your profile. Read the rest of this entry »

Hide Scraps from Friends – Orkut Scrapbook Trick

Orkut privacy feature allows someone to lock scraps from strangers, but there is no official way to lock and hide scraps from your friends. If you have got something personal in your scrapbook or simply want to hide scraps from your friends, you can now do this by using another Orkut feature. Well, you won’t be able to hide all your scraps or entire scrapbook from your friends, just a limited no of scraps (though there is no specified limit). We will use Orkut spam feature to hide scraps from our friends. Read the rest of this entry »

What to do When Someone Steals your Photos to use in His Orkut Album?

Stealing photos from someone’s Orkut album and using them in own albums is not something new to Orkut users. Many Orkut users has found Orkut accounts using their photos without their permission. Most of the time strangers do this type of things but if you have already locked your album to strangers, it must be one of your Orkut friend’s act. Downloading Orkut album photos and creating a new profile with those images is a matter of 10 minutes or so. If you are a victim of this, you should be knowing that it’s your responsibility to take care of your pictures. Anyways, let’s know what we can do when we find someone on orkut using your photos in his albums. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Write and Send Testimonials on Orkut

Orkut Testimonials are used like character certificates as people tend to judge someone from his testimonials on Orkut. If you have a nice friend and want to speak your mind about him, go ahead and write a testimonial for him/her. Don’t treat testimonials as scraps, it’s different. Be creative while writing a testimonial and since everyone are going to read this, be honest and talk about positive sides only. One of Dark Orkut Help Center users wanted to know the procedure to write a testimonial. So, here is the tutorial on how to write and send Orkut testimonials. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Add, Change or Remove official Orkut Themes

Orkut looks more beautiful and appealing with new stylish themes. It has been a long since Orkut started the theme feature and it looks like more people are interested in customizing their profiles with official Orkut themes. Keeping the demand of themes in eye, many Orkut related sites started offering GreaseMonkey scripts for themes. You can also make custom orkut themes using our Orkut theme creator in minutes. However, this post is a short tutorial to tell the common usages of Orkut themes. Here I will guide you on how to add, change or remove official Orkut themes. Read the rest of this entry »

Write Your Name in Stylish Orkut Fonts

Orkut is not just a website anymore, it’s a mania. Everyday thousands of people are making new accounts on Orkut and getting to know the meaning of scraps, testimonials etc. Since Orkut is so much popular now-a-days, people also do love to express themselves in Orkut style. You can use Orkut font and images to write your own name. If you can remember Orkut logos with some tall people’s pictures or medals, this post will excite you since I’m going to tell you the way to write your name or any text in those stylish Orkut fonts. Read the rest of this entry »