Access Orkut On Mobile Now!

Great news for those Orkut lovers. Now you don’t need a computer with internet connection to access your Orkut profile. Now you can scrap your friends, send testimonials, add friends from your Orkut profile on your mobile. Yes, Orkut goes mobile! All you need is a Orkut login and a GPRS enabled mobile handset. Few months back Orkut launched their mobile version on Let’s know about this in details.

Now if you have a GPRS enabled mobile phone, you can access from anywhere. Of course, the page you will access is a low bandwidth version and everything is not possible to do on your handset. But the basic things like scraps, testimonials are available on this mobile version and this thing makes it special. Checkout the screenshot. It’s orkut on mobile.

orkut mobile

Although it’s having some limited features as of now, they are planning to add more features gradually. For the timing, you can enjoy the below mentioned features.

  • You can view your scrapbook
  • You can send scraps to your friends
  • You can accept new friend’s requests
  • You can do orkut search

So, start enjoying Orkut on mobile also.

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20 Responses to “Access Orkut On Mobile Now!”

  1. Cini Jose Says:

    I can’t acess ORKUT in my mobile phone 6233 version

  2. Admin Says:

    @ Cini jose : Check your internet settings and ask your service provider if they can help you in this regard. works fines with any mobile having GPRS connectivity.

  3. Hitendra Says:

    i hav nokia 9300 n wap connection from bpl network
    i am able to acess all other mobile sites except
    please tell me the solution

  4. Admin Says:

    @ Hitendra

    call BPL customer care and ask them if they have blocked temporarily. Many ISP (Internet Service Providers) are not allowing access to Orkut’s mobile version. So, call them and ask.

  5. Mahesh Says:

    Hey friends download opera mini in mobile and then you can access orkut in mobile

  6. swapnil Says:

    I can’t acess orkut on my nokia 6233 mobile. Somebodu pls help me in this regard.
    M having LOOP network pls tell me what i have to do for getting orkut on my handsset

  7. Mahesh Says:

    Hey buddies ! Just download opera mini4.2 from and then try !
    If you are unable to operate then post a comment with your problems here.

  8. Amaresh Says:

    I am using operamini 4.2 version. For last 2 months , i can’t able to see orkut scrapbook in my mobile. Previously, everything was right, and i was able to access every functions of orkut through my operamini in my nokia 6233. Please guide me. I can’t able to delete scraps in mobile version of orkut

  9. Bapun Says:

    @ Swapnil & Amaresh : Since I have never used Orkut on mobile, I am a bit unaware of it’s problems. But I will guide you with some of the common problems & solutions.

    1. Get the latest version of browser. Download Opera mini 4.2 browser from (Thanks Mahesh for this tip) and try accessing Orkut now.

    2. Clear your mobile browser cache/cookies. Few times old cache of a website makes problems.

    3. See if you can visit both sites, and This might sound a bit odd to you, but check these both sites.

    Let me activate GPRS on my handset so that I can guide you further.

  10. KK.NASEEF Says:


  11. sagar Says:

    just logon to on your mobile and then type m.orkut .com in the given box.
    You will be able to access your orkut account on all mobile sets using this trick.

  12. Vinod kayande Says:

    I can not access orkut on my nokia 6600. Please give me solution

  13. Manan Says:

    I m not able to delete scraps through my mobile.plz help me what should i do

  14. Srinivasareddy Says:

    I am yet to access Orkut using mobile!

  15. msk Says:

    sir ,I can’t acess orkut

  16. Muskan Says:

    I cant delete ma scrap in mobile orkut plz help me in it

  17. Bapun Says:

    @ Muskan : I guess this feature in not available in the mobile version, since many people are having this particular problem. I am not sure…though!

  18. Valkyra Says:

    I can’t access orkut from my stupid PSP. I can log in but instead of the home page it says “The Page you requested is invalid”. Same error on my blackberry. I can access Facebook and Myspace, but what the shit is up with orkut?

  19. Bapun Says:

    @ Valkyra : What site are you trying to visit? or ? orkut mobile version should work like a charm on any GPRS enabled handsets.

  20. kiran Says:

    cant access orkut on my nokia 6600 tried downloading opera mini but it doesnt work on the mobile give sum solution or sum browser name which works with 6600

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