Access Orkut Using Proxies In Blocked School Colleges

Many schools, colleges, offices have blocked access to orkut. Without their consent and permission, no one can open orkut there. There is no way to bypass network settings and access Orkut in blocked places. The only solution is to use proxy to access orkut in school, college and working offices etc.

Using a proxy means using someone’s network on your system. The system administrator might have blocked any access to orkut from your internet connection, but then you can go to a proxy website and use their network connection to open This is pretty simple and there is no way for your network administrator to know about this.

orkut proxy

There are several proxy servers available today. But be careful while using them. Because few times they use softwares to note down the informations provided by you. There is a bright chance that, they will get your account details logged in their database as soon as you type your Orkut login ID and Password. So, use the trusted proxies only.

Below I am providing you a detailed proxy list. use them to bypass your network administrator settings and use Orkut in your school, college, office and prohibited places.

Now enjoy using your favourite social network Orkut, from anywhere!

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9 Responses to “Access Orkut Using Proxies In Blocked School Colleges”

  1. …Makes Me Furious » Blog Archive » Access Orkut Using Proxies in Blocked School Colleges | Dark Orkut Says:

    [...] Now you can access Orkut from any blocked colleges , schools, offices, places. Use Orkut proxy to unblock orkut in blocked places.[Continue Reading] [...]

  2. shah Says:

    I m glad to be a member of orkut

  3. Says:

    wats good yoim happy to be with yo

  4. Roen Says:

    Hi I am working for a MNC, but orkut and other social networking sites have been blocked by”WEBMARSHAL”. I am a die haed orkut fan and can’t live without it even though if i am in office. Can you please give me some tips on how to access orkut in my office.

    Hoping for a positive reply.

  5. Bapun Says:

    @ Roen : Open any of the above proxies on your browser. Enter in the given box to access Orkut. Now let the ‘WEBMARSHAL’ find ways to block proxies too (this is impossible since loads of proxy sites are coming up everyday) :D

  6. syd Says:

    hi bapun hey i wanna hack my friends account password but m not able to do it plz elp me.and ya trick of seeing someones email id s not working as well as downloading the csv file s not working.plz help me

  7. Bapun Says:

    @ Syd : Sorry, I don’t promote hacking activities.

  8. Ashutosh Says:

    Hi Bapun,

    My system is having WEB SENSE protection that blocks all proxies all networking sites, recently was working but it also got blocked now….what to do ?

  9. Bapun Says:

    @ Ashutosh : Web Sense is designed to smell proxy activities and block access to them immediately. However there are ways to bypass Web Sense settings. Here is one easiest method.

    1. Append to any URL and it will work fine even if you have got Web Sense installed. For an example, if you wish to visit, you have to write in your address bar and hit enter ;)

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