How to Add Someone to your Crush list on Orkut

Orkut crush list is specially designed to promote Orkut user’s crush feelings. You can add anyone to your crush list without revealing anything to the person. Now if the other person shares the same thoughts for you and adds you to his/her crush list, Orkut will send an email to both of you with a sweet note like both of you like each other. This is a pretty cool concept to grab some love on Orkut.

How to add someone to Orkut crush list

  1. Navigate to anyone’s profile and click on More link from left sidebar
  2. Click on add to crush list option to add the person to your crush list
  3. add to crush list

  4. You will see a notification once you have added the person successfully
  5. orkut crush list

  6. You are done.

You can see the persons from your crush list by heading to lists >> crush list. You can manage your crush list by deleting persons from this interface.

Now the persons remains in your crush list. The other person won’t have any idea about your crush on him/her. However, if he/she adds you to his/her crush list too, Orkut will send you both an email. This crush confirmation email looks like the below screenshot :

Orkut crush notification email

That’s it. Now Orkut has unmasked a couple’s shared affection. Once you find your crush on Orkut, you should know that the other person is also sharing soft feelings for you and you must be knowing what to do next ;)

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