Approve Pending Friend Requests Automatically on Orkut!

If you are having a lots of pending friends request and don’t have enough time to accept them manually, you would like to use Auto Accept friend requests script. This script makes your job faster by accepting all your pending friends request in a single go. You don’t have to use your mouse and click on ‘Accept‘. This GreaseMonkey script takes care of all.

Auto approve all pending friends request on orkut

This script is like a new “Accept All” button on Orkut. It’s fast, handy and working fine. But remember that using this script will accept and add each and every pending requests, it does not bother if you like to accept a request or decline.

And also, this is not the script to add anyone on Orkut to your list. If and only if they are interested to be your friend, this script just makes it easier by accepting their requests automatically.

How to install Approve Pending Requests Script :

1. You need to have Firefox and GreaseMonkey installed on your computer. If you don’t have them, get them.

2. Download and install Approve all pending friends request script.

3. You are done.

Now if you are back from a vacation and find a loads of friend requests, accepting all of them won’t be a problem at all. Use Approve all pending freind requests script to get this done for you within seconds. [via]

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