Bad, Bad Server. No Donut for You [Orkut Error Message]

Bad, Bad Server. No donut for you. Unfortunately, the server has acted out in an unexpected way. Hopefully, it will return to its helpful self if you try again in a few minutes.“, this is one those common Orkut error messages we all might have seen. Once this error message is displayed, it stays there for sometime even if we refresh our browser repeatedly. Many orkut users are still unaware of the reason behind this error message, so I thought of making a post and tell you the cause of this “Bad, Bad Server. No Donut for You” and how to get rid of it.

Bad, Bad Server. No Donut for You

“Bad, Bad Server. No Donut for You” is a pre configured message that appears when Orkut server becomes unable to complete it’s user’s request. Many times Orkut users face this Orkut bug while trying to edit their profiles or add someone to their list. This mainly happens because of two reasons.

  1. Orkut is still having bugs : Don’t you think that Google is capable enough to use high end servers for Orkut? The simple answer is, yes, they are and they are also using high end servers for Orkut. But few times because of their code conflicts or some internal errors, Orkut users are being served with this error page.
  2. Your browser problem : If this bug happens to you once in a while, you might be having some browser problems. Old version browsers are not capable to handle javascript or such codes and as a result Orkut can’t complete the page load request, but serves the error page.

How to fix this Orkut Bug :

The only solution to this bug is updating your web browser. You need to use latest web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc. They are advanced, bug free and compatible with 99.9% websites. Try clearing all browsing history like cache and cookies. Also make sure that cookies are enabled on your browser.

This Orkut bug is not harmful, but annoying. Using latest updated web browsers will minimize the chances of viewing this Orkut “Bad, Bad Server. No Donut for You” error page.

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