Beware! Using Orkut Applications may Get Your Account Hacked!

Nope, this post title does not contain any typo. This is true that there are chances of loosing your account if you use different orkut applications without knowing much about them. Since Orkut allowed third parties to develop Orkut applications, many hackers joined this stream to fulfill their evil wishes. Although Orkut takes much time in checking each and every application manually before approving it, hackers add spywares to some iframes, used in the application. It’s pretty complicated to understand what’s going on in the background process for a normal user. Let me make it simple here so that you can protect your account from hackers.

Very recently one Orkut application developer was caught spreading spywares using his application. While opening his application on Google Chrome, browser stopped proceeding further after noticing the spyware threat. Have a look on this incident’s screenshot. (Screenshot clarity is very poor)

Spyware threats with Orkut applications which might lead to account hacking

Hackers inject malicious iframes to their applications in any given time. They choose random time zones to release spywares. Although Orkut takes maximum security concerns and remove such applications from it’s directory immediately, those applications are having the ability to hijack hundreds of people’s accounts in a short span of time.

Here I would recommended you to use some powerful and strong antivirus systems on your system. You can also consider using Anti-Spywares to catch such spywares and remove them immediately from your system. If you want to know, how can they hack your account, read how hackers hack Orkut accounts.

Although there are a loads of safe and cool orkut applications, you should take the maximum care of your privacy and security. Use latest browsers  (I recommended Firefox and Chrome) to get browser alerts on such suspicious attacks. If you have any such bitter experiences, don’t forget to share with us using the below comments section.

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