Cool Stylish Orkut Text Maker

Bored of same boring Orkut default text? Give it a change and make stylish scraps or testimonials with cool Orkut fonts. You can also use these fonts to make attractive profile names or status message. Simply write your text in the box and it will show you many cool fonts using your word. Copy the text and paste where ever you want. This cool stylish Orkut text maker shows 10 different fonts style to choose from.

Write your text in “Your Text” field and it will automatically start generating different cool fonts.

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7 Responses to “Cool Stylish Orkut Text Maker”

  1. sachin Says:

    hay sir somone hack my account plz help me my 2 account hack plz help me

  2. Bapun Says:

    @ Sachin : Read How to get back hacked Orkut accounts.

  3. Manu Says:

    hiii sir
    i forgot my password of my cannot be accesd
    is there any solution 2 recover my account or deleteing it
    plz help meee

  4. Bapun Says:

    @ Manu : Use “Forgot Password” option to recover Orkut password.

  5. kunal Says:

    bapun bahi,
    how can i use different fonts in my profile?

  6. Bapun Says:

    Simply generate different fonts, copy them and paste in your profile fields ;)

  7. rocky Says:

    simply download orkut cool text converter

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