Create Orkut Stylish Fonts, Symbols For Names & Scraps

Orkut stylish fonts can make your profile name and scraps look better. You can make your profile name or scraps stylish with a number of cool fonts available. Earlier we were using different javascripts to do this. Here on DarkOrkut, I even wrote a post on how to make cool stylish fonts on Orkut using javascripts. But later Orkut stopped all scripts from running and now you can hardly expect any javascript code to work some wonders. But here I am going to tell you an another sure shot method to create and generate stylish fonts for your orkut scraps or profile names.

A blogspot site is offering this service to generate cool fonts. Have a look on the below screenshot.

stylish orkut font scraps

All you have to do is to visit the site, write your text in the given field and it will automatically start generating cool fonts in 10 different styles.

In addition to this, it’s also offering some interesting symbols. You can use those symbols for your orkut profile name to make them look cool, beautiful and attractive. Check out the below screenshot.

orkut symbols

You need to click on a symbol and it will show up in the above text field. Copy the symbol from there and paste in your orkut profile’s name box. That’s it.

Navigate to Cool Text Maker to make cool texts.

Find more orkut symbols for orkut scraps and testimonials.

Visit this site for more cool symbols.

So, from now on creating stylish orkut scraps and names with cool Orkut symbols is not a problem any more. Show your style in a stylish way!

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  1. ajay Sehrawat Says:

    good, actually excellent and thanks! This trick helped me really. You must try the real dark orkut features 2 b different.

  2. gaurav Says:

    it’s fantastic site for the patient of orkut.

  3. pradeep Says:

    ITS NICE…..

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