Disable Photo Tagging to Stay Safe on Orkut

Orkut photo tagging feature adds more functions to your Orkut album photos. You can tag your several friends in one single photo. But this feature openly challenges Orkut user’s privacy issues. Let’s say you want to hide your photos from those who are not in your friends list, but if one of your friends have tagged your photo and his album is open to all, anyone on Orkut will be able to see your photo. You can read the details on how to see someone’s photo even if she has locked her album. So, it would be a wise idea to disable photo tagging on your profile.

photo tagging
(Image Source : OrkutHacks)

Orkut is known to copy features from Facebook. Photo tagging was initially implemented by Facebook and later Orkut started this feature. Having new features and concepts improves one site’s creditability but it should not harm anyone’s privacy concerns. Now if photo tagging can reveal your photos to unknown people, you should disable it on your profile. Once you disable it, all tags associate with your Orkut profile will automatically get disabled.

How to disable photo tagging on your profile.

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