Download New Orkut Messenger – Orkut ScrapBoy

Since we all are pretty much into Orkut, won’t be it great to have a portable Orkut messenger software? Opening your web browser, typing in the address bar, providing your login information and landing on your Orkut profile is hell a lot of work. How about downloading an Orkut Messenger to do everything related to orkut right from your desktop. This Orkut messenger is called Orkut ScrapBoy and it’s pretty much like Yahoo messenger. Tick the Remember Me option and you get logged in to your Orkut profile each time you start your computer. Let’s know more about Orkut ScrapBoy.

Well, to be honest this Orkut messenger is having a wide range of options, even more than your imagination. Here are just a few.

Once you get logged in, all your friends show up in Orkut ScrapBoy window. Simply scroll your mouse on your friend’s display picture and it will pop up with options to send scraps, view his pictures/albums etc.  Look at the below screenshot.

Orkut Scrapboy, The new Orkut Desktop Messenger

Orkut ScrapBoy notifies you with a small notification window each time you get a new scrap. You can configure to receive either visual or sound or both notification when a new scrap is made. It’s like the notifications we get on Yahoo! Messenger when a friend comes online or goes offline. Check out the below screenshot. It also sends you notifications upon getting new friend requests.

Get Orkut Scrap notifications on your desktop each time you get a new scrap

Get new friend request notifications each time someone send you a friendship request on orkut

Add smileys to your scrap from Orkut ScrapBoy scrap compose window. Select from a wide range of smileys to post on your friend’s scrapbook. You can also customize your text by making it bold, italic or underlined from Orkut ScrapBoy. It provides a rich format area and you would love to post more scraps using this lovely environment.

Add smiley, colour, formatting to your orkut scraps

It’s very fast. One most attractive feature of this Orkut messenger is that you can subscribe to your friend’s scrapbook, photos etc. This means you will get a notification when your friend receives a new scrap in his scrapbook or adds a new photo to his album. Isn’t this exciting?

Another good thing is that you can sign in to your Facebook and Myspace accounts along with Orkut at the same time. You can easily switch to one another without signing out from any of these social networking sites. Simply access your Orkut, Myspace, Facebook account at a time from one messenger. Could you imagine anything easier than this?

It’s time to download and enjoy this cool Orkut messenger, Orkut ScrapBoy.

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  1. Alex Says:

    Great share and sure i will use new orkut messenger since i had not work with it before.I will notify my friends too.Thanks for your effort made!

  2. pavan Says:

    great share and it is very good and i will definitely use that. thanks for your effort

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