Facing Error Problems while Accessing Orkut on Mobile?

As all of us know that Orkut started it’s mobile version m.orkut.com almost a year back. But many people are facing problems and getting error messages while trying to connect m.orkut.com from their mobile phones. The main problem behind this might be your mobile handset compatibility. Yes, if you are planning to access Orkut from mobile, you should get a Orkut compatible handset first. Now see if your mobile service provider is offering WAP or GPRS service on your handset. You need to have GPRS in order to access Orkut. But if the problem still occurs even after having a compatible handset and connection, follow the below steps to access orkut without any error problems.

Access Orkut from Mobile phone Without any Errors or Problems

access orkut on mobile without errors or problemsIf problem continues, you should try to connect to Orkut via any other medium. Like if we can’t use Orkut from our computer, we use orkut proxies, here we can take help of any third party site reader on our mobile. I will guide you with Google reader, that you can use on your mobile handset.

Google mobile reader will access all sites in a mobile friendly version, resulting faster downloading and error free. Since you don’t access those sites directly and try to look at those sites in Google’s view, they will be error free without any problems. And also, you can always trust a company like Google not to store your personal informations and giving full respect to your privacy.

Here is the link to Google mobile reader. This service is not limited to orkut and hence you can visit any site of your choice using this free Google mobile service.

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2 Responses to “Facing Error Problems while Accessing Orkut on Mobile?”

  1. Imran (~IMS~) Says:

    its not necessary to own orkut compatible nokia phones.. i own a nokia 2626 handset and still orkut mobile works with my cell.. how?? mail me.. i’ll let you know!

  2. Bapun Says:

    @ Imran : It’s not about Orkut compatible handset, but GPRS compatible handset. You can’t access Orkut using any phone that does not support GPRS connectivity. And this post tells an alternative to access Orkut from your mobile.

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