Find Who Has Added You To Their Crush list On Orkut

Orkut crush feature is designed to influence likeness between orkut users. if you are having crush on a orkut user, you can add him/her on your crush list. There is no limit on this. You can add as many persons as you want to your crush list. Like wise if other persons are having similar feelings about you, they can add you to their crush list. But remember that this crush system keeps your feelings secret. It does not notify other orkut user about your feelings and vice verse. So, how to know if someone has added you to their crush list?

orkut crush list

Orkut treats this system very seriously and hence there is no way for you to know who had added you to their crush list. There is only one way to know this and that’s then when you both meet mutual crush. This means only and if only you add each other to each others crush list, orkut will send you email about this crush notification.

How To know if someone added you to their crush list:

This is the most simple trick. Follow Orkut’s guidelines to get your work done.

  1. Go to your profile and add all people to your crush list.
  2. Wait for sometime and then check your email (that you use during orkut login).
  3. If any of your friends have added you to their crush list, you will get a email from orkut about crush notification. This email includes person’s name and email.
  4. You are done.

Now since you have added the person who added you to his/her crush list earlier, he/she will also get an email notification about this. But remember to remove everyone from your crush list later, so that no one can play this trick on you.

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5 Responses to “Find Who Has Added You To Their Crush list On Orkut”

  1. yogesh Says:

    but.! how to add people in crush list..?

  2. Bapun Says:

    @ Yogesh : How to add someone to Orkut crush list?

  3. sushil Says:

    hey.great tricks yaar…really working….can u send me some more 4 my blog

  4. mamatha Says:

    but how 2 add frnds in crush list and what reason we need 2 add

  5. Bapun Says:

    @ Mamata : Read the details here >> How to add someone to Orkut crush list?

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