Adding Friends Service is temporarily Disabled on Orkut [Solution]

If you perform some unusual activities, Orkut will make your profile access limited and as a result you can’t add new friends to your friends list. Whenever you try to add someone as a friend, you will get an error message as , “Adding Friends Service is temporarily Disabled“. This limitation is applied to your account temporarily for a period of one or two days. But few times this friend add service stays disabled for a longer period like “adding of comments temporarily disabled on your profile“. Here I’m going to share the trick to add people as your friends even if friend addition limitation is applied to your profile.

1. Go to Orkut friends invite page.

2. Write email address of your friends whom you want to add as friend.

3. Write any customized text to your new friends, it’s just an extra option.

4. Fill up the word verification.

5. Hit submit to send the requests and you are done.

Now those persons will receive your friend request and upon accepting, they will get added to your friends list. Check out the below screenshot.

adding friends service is temporarily disabled

You need to have those person’s email address, else you won’t be able to send them requests (How to know anyone’s email ID on Orkut).

There is one another trick to bypass this limitation. Due to disable of friends adding service on your profile, you can’t add new people to your list, but they can always add you. Simply ask those persons to send you a friend request from their end. Once you receive a friend request from their end, accept that request and they will get added to your list. Simple!

If you want to permanently resolve this “Adding Friends Service is temporarily Disabled” issue, try changing your account password. Send few messages, scrap in your friends scrapbooks, I mean, get engaged in some normal Orkut activities and hope everything to come normal shortly.

If you still continue to have this problem, you may ask for assistance in our Orkut Help Center. If you didn’t get the above steps, feel free to use the below comments section.

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7 Responses to “Adding Friends Service is temporarily Disabled on Orkut [Solution]”

  1. Charles Says:

    I’ve created my new Google account and using orkut with that account. more than one month over still my profile is not visible in my friend’s friends list….
    can you help me.

  2. Bapun Says:

    @ Charles : Are you sure that you have added friends to your list? Send them friend invitation first. Both your and your friend will appear in each other’s list once your friend accepts your request :)

  3. kabeer Says:

    adding friends has been disabled please release this problem

  4. aakansh Says:

    adding of friends is disabled… so can u plz help me get out of this problem …..

  5. Birbal Chakrabarti Says:

    Adding Friends Service is temporarily disabled. Please solved my problem.

  6. ayush jain Says:

    Please enable my friend addition request.

  7. mayur raj jaiswal kaidi Says:


    my friend request having problem,it is not working in proper way.

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