Hide and Keep your Email ID Secure on Orkut

Leaving your email ID unprotected on Orkut might lead to so many unpleasant things like Orkut profile hacking, unsolicited friend requests, junk mails etc. Though it was possible to know any Orkut user’s email address earlier, Orkut has tightened it’s security system and no one can know anyone’s email ID if the user has not set his/her settings otherwise. You can also keep your email ID secure on orkut by not allowing anyone to view your email address from the privacy settings page.

Hide Email Address from Everyone on Orkut

hide email address on orkut

1. Login to your Orkut account.

2. Navigate to Settings and click on Privacy tab

3. Look for an option called “allow people to find me through my email address“, select the second sub-option and check “Don’t allow people to find me“.

4. Just below the above option, you can find another privacy option that says, “friend requests are allowed to be sent by“, select the second sub-option “anyone who fits one of the following selected options” and tick the first settings option, “people who know my email address (required default)“. Check or uncheck the below two options according to your wish

5. Click on Save to save the changes you have made and you are Done.

Now no one can search your profile by email address. Even if they search using your actual email address, Orkut won’t show them your profile in their search results. And in step-4 we have made it sure that no one can add you as friend without knowing your email address. It’s possible to know email address from pending friend requests, but since we have restricted to friend requests by email only, no one can misuse that feature to get your email address.

This is a must do for those Orkut users who are serious about their privacy. If you want to be more secure on this social network, you can read how to be more secure on orkut.

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