Hide Scraps from Friends – Orkut Scrapbook Trick

Orkut privacy feature allows someone to lock scraps from strangers, but there is no official way to lock and hide scraps from your friends. If you have got something personal in your scrapbook or simply want to hide scraps from your friends, you can now do this by using another Orkut feature. Well, you won’t be able to hide all your scraps or entire scrapbook from your friends, just a limited no of scraps (though there is no specified limit). We will use Orkut spam feature to hide scraps from our friends.

Orkut spam filter is designed to filter all spam looking scraps (scraps with rich text, HTML tag, flash contents, external links, external images etc) and send them to the spam box associated with your profile. This spam box is visible to you only. Now if you intentionally mark a scrap as spam and move it to the spam box, that will get hidden to all of your friends and the scrap will be visible to you only.

Trick to Hide Orkut Scraps from Friends

  1. Navigate to your Orkut scrapbook.
  2. Select the scrap that you want to hide from friends.
  3. Click on report spam button to move that scrap to your spam box.
  4. Now that scrap will be visible to you only and none of your friends can see it.
  5. You are done.

hide orkut scraps from friends

If you want to see that scrap, simply click on spam link. You can find it on the left sidebar of your Orkut profile and it looks like this:  orkut spam

I know that it’s not the perfect solution, however, since Orkut is not providing any official solution to this, you can follow this trick to hide Orkut scraps from friends. Do you know that you can also hide Orkut album photos from friends!

Note : I have already written an another post on Hiding scraps from orkut friends. However, I was not satisfied with the way that post was written. So, made this new one :)

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  2. santhilal Says:

    Thanks for your tips to hide my scraps from friends….

  3. sharma Says:

    i can’t understand orkut policies.I have sometime tried posting an image scrap on my orkut scrapbook and they sent it to my spam folder.why a user will spam his or her own scrapbook

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