How To Create Your Own Orkut Theme!

Now you can customize your Orkut profile with cool orkut themes. You do not need to use those common orkut official themes. Be creative, go advanced and make your own orkut themes. You can create orkut themes with your own pictures or you may also like to use pictures of your favourite actress, actors, scenery or anything you like. Choose your own picture and let me make your own Orkut theme for FREE.

orkut themes

UPDATE : I have added a special Orkut Theme creator script. This theme creator will create Orkut themes for you instantly. Here is the link to Orkut Theme Creator. Read the complete instructions here. From now on, I will not entertain any theme requests. Any comment with a theme request will be ignored. I advise to take the advantage of this Orkut Theme Creator to make your own orkut themes instantly.

How can I make my own orkut theme :

  1. At first choose a picture. Make sure that the width of the picture is not less than 800px.
  2. If you are having the pic on your computer, you can use imageshack, tinypic or similar sites to upload your it and get the link to your picture. You can also provide link to any picture available on internet. (No copyrighted images please)
  3. Post a comment below and mention the link to your picture in the comment box.
  4. That’s it from your end.
  5. We will make a customized orkut theme with your picture and will post as a reply to your comment.
  6. You need to have firefox and GreaseMonkey script installed on your computer. Else this will not work.
  7. If you don’t have them already, download Firefox and download Greasemonkey script first.
  8. Click on your theme link in the comment area. Install the theme and you are done.

NOTE : I’m not going to send you any email when your theme is done. It’s your responsibility to check this post for your theme. Due to my busy time schedule, it might take up to two days to get done with your theme. It’s a wise idea to subscribe to my blog here, so that you will get notified about any new update on Darkorkut. Subscribe to Darkorkut.

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55 Responses to “How To Create Your Own Orkut Theme!”

  1. sathi Says:

    pls make a theme with the picture link i have given.

  2. stalin Says:

  3. prasad Says:

    hai ctreate my theme plz

  4. karthik Says:

  5. noman Says:

    plz do a theme 4 me 4 0rkut

  6. noman Says:

    how do u create themes 4 orkut…will u tell me…i want to create themes for my own account plzzz…

  7. k10 Says:

  8. Bapun Says:

    @ Noman : I am making these themes using javascript and that’s not easy :P

    So you just enjoy and let me work ;)

  9. Bapun Says:

    @ Everyone : Kindly allow me sometime. I’m staying damn busy with other projects. Will post everyone’s requested theme within next 1-2 days :)

  10. Svi Singh Says:

    PLz do me dis for me…i want my orkut theme..thnx

  11. noman Says:

    oh ok den let me enjoy wid theme…
    dis is my picture link plz do this…i’ll be thankful to u

  12. himanshu Says:

  13. sandeep Says:

    hey plz do this for me and if u need nething plz tellme
    i need something touchy coz i jus had abrek up

    so use any of the pic

  14. shashank Says:

  15. Bapun Says:

    Here we go…

    @ Sathi : Click here to install your Orkut Theme

    @ Stalin : Click here to install your Orkut Theme

    @ Prasad : Click here to install your Orkut Theme

    @ Karthik : Click here to install your Orkut Theme

    @ K10 : Click here to install your Orkut Theme

    @ Svi Singh : Click here to install your Orkut Theme

    @ noman : Click here to install your Orkut Theme

    @ himanshu : Click here to install your Orkut Theme

    @ sandeep : Click here to install your Orkut Theme

    @ shashank : Click here to install your Orkut Theme

  16. Bapun Says:

    @ Prasad : Choose a pic for your theme, give the link here and then expect me to make a theme for you.

    @ Everyone : Soon, I’m going to add a Orkut theme generator script here on DarkOrkut. Simply give the link to your image there, hit the ‘Get Theme’ button and the generator will make the theme for you instantly. Now, you don’t have to wait for me to do them manually. I will add it within next 2-3 days.

  17. noman Says:

    hey it’s l0o0o0kIn awes0me bapun thaNx man thanks al0t fr|end…

    nice idea that u r makin a get theme button….:
    u w0nt b fussed n0w hehehe

  18. vishal magotra Says:

  19. Abhishek Sharma Says:

    hey plz make it quick

  20. naitik Says:

    i can download the geresmonkey but it was in XPI i can i install it……the theme that wag give can,t installing….

  21. Shruthi Says:

    Hi Can i add Image to testimonial?? and i have more queries … mee too wanna play with orkut … let me join with U.. I am Shuthi

  22. Bapun Says:

    @ Shruthi : Nope Shruthi, You can’t make add images to testimonials. But yes, you can always give links to pages or images.

    And yes, lets play with Orkut ;) :P

  23. Bapun Says:

    @ Everyone : Create your Orkut theme instantly with Orkut Theme Creator. This will create your Orkut themes instantly. From now on, all theme requesting comments will be ignored.

  24. shruthi Says:

    i cant delete my comment? Plz help.


  25. Bapun Says:

    @ Shruthi : Nope, you won’t be able to delete your comments. Btw why do you want to delete them? :P

  26. Shruthi Says:

    Can’t you delete them too? Just Simply asked … And also.. Is the theme available to all who are having firefox??? or not?? i want my theme to be available to all .. can i ??

  27. Bapun Says:

    @ Shruthi : I can delete anyone’s comment, I do have that option. But without any valid reason, why should I do that? People dedicate some time in writing a comment and I respect their time & energy.

    These themes are nothing but a piece of javascript code. This code can be used with an add on called GreaseMoneky and GreaseMoneky is supported with Firefox only. Hence, any computer with Firefox, GreaseMonkey and your theme’s javascript code can view your theme.

    As the theme works only in your browser and has nothing to do with the official Orkut themes, other peoples can’t view your theme.

  28. Shruthi Says:

    Thats fine… I asked U that is any option avaliable … to me and U tooo … I am clear from my side .. Thx U

  29. Bapun Says:

    @ Shruthi : I can see your activeness here on Darkorkut. Thanks.

  30. jane Says:

    hey, i have clicked to the line to make theme, it’s opening something but theme is not generating. plz help.

  31. Bapun Says:

    @ Jane : You must be doing something wrong. Read out the instructions carefully here –>

  32. Shruthi Says:

    Hey .. In Gmail we can change our friends photos as our wish … Is such thing available on orkut ? Can we change friend’s images as our wish? And why don’t you create a website like, so that we can make themes with stylish pics.

  33. Bapun Says:

    @ Shruthi : Nope, you can’t change any of your friend’s display image. And there are no such plans to make a site like presently. But you can always use their site to add style to your image and then make your orkut theme using that pic here on Darkorkut.

  34. Shruthi Says:

    Hi …. Any thing avaliable from Ur End … Orkut ID cards … ?? Like No of Fans , No Of Scraps , No of testimonials ?? Why cont U do this for Us ?? Shruthi

  35. Avnish Says:

    kindly help me to making my theme..plz look into the matter asap……

  36. Bapun Says:

    @ Shruthi : Thanks for suggesting. Will give that a try laterz.

    @ Avnish : Check the detailed theme creation tutorial –> here.

  37. Bapun Says:

    @ Everyone : Due to privacy and security reasons, I am deleting all theme scripts posted by me here. Since many guys requested to make themes using their personal pictures and those themes scripts can be downloaded and used by anyone, I am removing all those scripts from Darkorkut’s database. Sorry for inconveniences, if any!

    I would suggest you guys to use Orkut Theme Generator tool to make Orkut themes. It’s safe and protects your privacy. Images used to make themes are stored in a highly secure database and can’t be seen or used by any other person. So, chill out!

    I recommend NOT to share your theme installation script with anyone. Your personalized theme contains a link to your image on our database (though all pics get renamed upon uploading) and sharing theme script means revealing your pics to them.

    You may also use online image links to make themes. But hosting your pics on image hosting sites will make your picture available to public. So, use the image uploading option for improved security concerns.

  38. Vijay Ranade Says:

  39. payal Says:

    plz agar galat ho to mujhe bata dena!

  40. Mahendra Says:

    hello, simply go to
    2. browse photo from ur computer. on install button
    4. enough…………..

  41. Mahendra Says:

    how to delete friends scraps?
    plz tell me

  42. Bapun Says:

    @ Mahendra : Post any suggestions/help topics on DarkOrkut help center at

  43. emeo Says:

    Awesome. Thanks

  44. shailesh Says:

    how to deactivate it…..???

  45. Bapun Says:

    @ Shailesh : Simply disable the GreaseMonkey script by clicking on the monkey icon, located at the right bottom of your Firefox browser.

  46. Richie Says:

    Thanx a lot

  47. robin Says:

    yeh to sirf mujhe dikhta hai aur kisi ko nahin

  48. Bapun Says:

    @ Robin : Haan, kyon ki hum apne computer pe yeh script use kar rahe hain, yeh sirf hum ko hi dikhega. (Yes, since we are using scripts on our system, it will be visible to us only)

  49. TARUN Says:

    How can I create Orkut theme?

  50. pavan Says:

    plzzzzzz install theme

  51. Bapun Says:

    @ Tarun & Pavan : you should read the post clearly.

  52. rudra Says:

    Great thanks

  53. rudra Says:

    great thanks buddy

  54. mathiyos Says:

    whether our friends could see the theme which we have changed?
    please reply…

  55. Bapun Says:

    @ Mathiyos : Nope, they can’t. It’s visible on your computer only.

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