How to Stop Orkut Scrap Notification Emails

Orkut sends you scrap notification emails each time someone posts a scrap in your scrapbook. Not only in the case of scraps, but also you get email notifications for testimonials, messages, new friend requests etc. This is really annoying when you get a lots of email notifications everyday from Orkut. Many people don’t like these mails to full their inbox quota. So, here is how you can stop Orkut from sending those unwanted scrap email notifications.

orkut email notifications

1. Log in to your Orkut profile.

2. Click on Settings. You can find this option in the left hand bottom area menu list.

3. Click on Notifications. It’s the third option in the Settings page.

4. Uncheck the email notification for the services you don’t want.

orkut scrap notification settings

5. Click on Save Settings for the changes to take effect.

6. You are done.

From now on, Orkut won’t send you any email for new scraps, testimonials, messages or new friend requests. You can also edit the notification settings in future to get emails for selected services.

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