How To Upload Pics To Your Orkut Album

This is a tutorial for all newbies on orkut. If you are having any problems in uploading pictures on your Orkut account, you can go through this tutorial to make image uploading easier. First things first. Here are some quick Orkut Album Tips.

  1. Orkut has a limit of 100 photos per album.
  2. You can upload JPG, GIF or PNG images. Other image extensions are not supported.
  3. Maximum image size cab be 5 MB.
  4. You can have a maximum of 1000 pics in all your albums.
  5. You can choose and keep any pic as your album cover picture.
  6. Orkut arranges your album order in the last update manner.

Here is the screenshot of a typical Orkut Album.

orkut album

How To Upload Multiple Pictures To your Orkut Album :

  1. Log in to your Orkut profile and click on Photos.
  2. You can see a button there saying Create New Album. Click on it.
  3. create new album

  4. Give a title to your album. Fill up the description box and choose the album sharing option.
  5. orkut album settings

  6. Click on Create to get the new album created. Now you are done with creating a new Orkut Photo Album.
  7. It’s time to upload pics to your newly created album. For this click on Add Photos button.
  8. add photos to your orkut album

  9. A new window will pop up. Browse images that you want to upload.
  10. upload pics to orkut album

  11. Click on Upload Photos to resume the uploading process.
  12. orkut album pics

  13. Now the photos will start getting uploaded to your album. Once finished, you will see a new page like the below screenshot.
  14. orkut album pic name

  15. Give proper title to each of your pics, tick the box next to the image if you want to make it your album cover, or you may also delete the pic by choosing the option next to it.
  16. That’s it. Your orkut album is now ready for viewing.

orkut album images

I guess the above tutorial clearly explains all the steps needed to upload pics to your orkut profile. If you are still having any problems, feel free to use the below comment section.

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