Irfan Pathan’s Maiden Shivangi Kindles Love and Hate On Orkut

Irfan Khan's girl friend shivangi di is spreading love and hate on Orkut through scraps

“Hey, are you the same Shivangi di, who has bowled Irfan over? If you are, then listen. I am a great fan of his. Please, please take care of him. I guess you are lucky for him and I don’t mind if you guys are together.”

One fan of Indian cricket team player Irfan pathan sends the above scrap to Shivangi Di, dream girl of this dynamic cricket player. The above scrap was just an example from those thousands of scraps Shivangi getting everyday.  Since their relationship news went public, loads of Irfan Pathan’s fans are sending scraps to this beautiful young lady, some with jealousy, few in anger and rest in love.

Accept this fact, not all are generous enough to be good with everyone. Most lady fans are abusing Shivangi as she is getting married to their dream man, Irfaan! Few people who don’t like Irfaan or his bowling are taking this chance to express their anger with some bad words. Now-a-days, this common girl is getting scraps/messages from people around the globe, including Pakistan.

I am quoting few scraps from her scrapbook here :

Hi, I met Irfan personally and he talked about Shivangi. I didn’t know whether it was you.

Irfan had only three things in his life – God, cricket and his family. And now you are the fourth thing to be in his life. I know Irfan bhai as he is my senior and, believe me, you can’t get someone better than him. Enjoy life with him.

I have read about you in the papers and seen your pictures. I think you are lucky to get Irfan, who is the most wanted bachelor in India. Best of luck for your future and have a nice time.

One of Shivangi’s friend scribbled her scrapbook with the following message.

So girl, ab to news public ho gayi!

(Poor Girl! Your relationship news got public now!)

I was thinking to post the link to Shivangi Di’s Orkut profile here. But to respect her privacy, I am not giving any link to her profile here, but if you are that smart, searching her Orkut profile won’t take you more than 30 seconds ;)

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  1. Maaz Says:

    Shivangi plz don’t mind, I think thousands of beauties are awaiting to be Irfan’s, but he seems to be not interested at all in anyone including Shivangi.

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