Know Email ID Of Any Orkut User (Working Trick)

Earlier I published a post on finding email ID of any Orkut user. I mentioned two tricks there to find any Orkut user’s email ID. But none of them are working presently. Remember to use tricks as soon as they are published. Once orkut staffs come to know about this, they will fix these holes as soon as they can. Anyways, here is an another (working) trick to know email ID of any Orkut user. Implement this tool at the earliest.

UPDATE : This trick may not be working anymore.

How To Know Email ID Of Any Orkut User :

  1. Go to the profile page of the person you wish to get the email address.
  2. Add him as a friend. (Don’t wait till his approval. This trick does not need anyone’s friendship approval.)
  3. Go to Your Friends page on your Orkut profile.
  4. Look at the right hand side navbar. You can see few options there like Find more friends, Add a contact, Export contacts. Click on Export contacts.
  5. find email address orkut

  6. Fill up the captcha form and download your contacts.csv file.
  7. After downloading contacts on your computer, open the files with Microsoft Excel or any similar tools.
  8. know any orkut user's email ID

  9. This file will be having all your friend’s email addresses. This email address also includes those persons whom you have sent a request, but they have not accepted.
  10. You are done.

Now you can easily track and know any Orkut user’s email address. Again I’m mentioning, Do this trick as soon as possible before Orkut fixes this. [via]

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44 Responses to “Know Email ID Of Any Orkut User (Working Trick)”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Not working :-(

  2. Admin Says:

    @ Jimmy : To the best of my knowledge, this trick is still working. Follow the above steps carefully and try doing again.

  3. abhimanyu sodhi Says:

    cud u plz help me in findin out the email id of an orkut user….i cant add the person as a frnd bcoz it is askin me for the email id…plz help me bro

  4. Bapun Says:

    @ Abhimanyu : That’s the new feature introduced by Orkut. If someone is really serious about his privacy, he can opt for that option. You need to know his email address in order to add him.

    If you don’t know his email ID, you may like to send him a scrap and talk about this.

  5. Mohan Says:

    Cool work.

  6. Dev Says:

    Hi All;

    I tried this trik I got all the email IDs except the one I was looking for. I sent this person a friend request which was pending and his email ID was not retrieved as stated above.

    Please help if anyone know the work around.


  7. arman Says:

    very good trick

  8. shabeer Says:

    in case the person has also locked his/her scrapbook how can i ask their id thru a scrap

  9. khayaal Says:

    Hello Jimmy
    The thing is working like a charm
    If you are not able to follow steps from the so easy tutorial by dear administrator, then reach me to explain you in some other way.
    But I hope by now you must have got the thing working.

  10. mack Says:

    I want to know how to crack it

  11. sangishetty Says:

    Hi Bapun

    is there any way to get all the email ids of members in a particular community

  12. Bapun Says:

    No such tricks available as of now.

  13. tito Says:

    Not working

  14. sunny Says:

    it is not working,after export contact.

  15. adesh gupta Says:

    not working

  16. SAmeer Says:

    I tried ur trick but could not find any email id, plz assist me how to find email id I want. Plz suggest ur best possible

  17. Bapun Says:

    @ Sameer : I have already updated this thread with a NOT WORKING note. Kindly wait till I find a working trick.

  18. Varghese Says:

    hi its not working
    Please help me yaaaaaaaaaaar

  19. Rajiv Says:

    Its Not working now. Please provide some trick to get

  20. boiling Says:

    what if we have to enter the user id to add him ?

  21. Bapun Says:

    @ boiling : Read this.

  22. jowax Says:

    Hllo Mr.Bapun .. can u plz help me
    now i am working in uae ican’t use orkut here if u have any un blocking soft were or any other way..? i have ultrasurf & hot sopt even iam useing power .. if u know any other unblocking things pls pls fw me

  23. chinafreak Says:

    This trick works only for frriends and invited members not for ignored users or pending invites………………Pls find an alternate trick and mail me plsssssssssssssss

  24. Bapun Says:

    @ Jowax : You can try Orkut proxies to access any site for a blocked computer or network. Here is a list of Orkut proxies.

  25. tarun Says:

    cud u plz help me in findin out the email id of an orkut user….i cant add the person as a frnd bcoz it is askin me for the email id…plz help me

  26. Rakhi Says:

    Hi Bapun,

    I have found my friend in orkut for after several years. other than scrap book , how can i contact him? is there any way to contact my friend, i dont want to leave my id or contact details in the scrap book? please help me

  27. Rakhi Says:

    Hey Bapun,

    This is working for added friends yar… he added me as friend and i have exported as u have explained. I have got his email. Thank you so much… but for pending friend request, its not working yar…. please find out a new trick

  28. Bapun Says:

    @ Rakhi : In that case you can do nothing but take help of scrapbook or message system. You may also like to make a phone call or email to him/her and ask about that.

    Well, earlier this trick was working for pending requests also! As soon as I find a working trick, I will update this post with that one :)

  29. Satyendr Says:

    THANKS!!!!!!!!!! U ROCK :)

  30. anubhab Says:

    well how do i find the email id of those who r not my frndz?their email id is not showing & whnevr i try to add them it shows addition of rndz disabled.plzz can u help.& can u name a software which hides my outgoing caller id on mobile phone.plzz snd it to my id.

  31. Bapun Says:

    @ Anubhab : 1. Presently there is no working trick to find email ID of persons who are not in your list. Wait for sometime, till I find one :)

    2. Read What to do when friend’s addition is temporarily disabled.

    3. I don’t deal with Mobile softwares, use Google for those things. And I think you are talking about CLIR (Caller Line Identification Restriction) where the number of the caller is displayed as “Private Number” or “No Number” on receiver’s phone. Such things are network dependent and you have to contact your mobile service provider for such service, though chances are very less that they will give you this service. As far as I know, only ministers and some VVIPs are rewarded with CLIR service. No software can do that for you.

  32. venom Says:

    how to know whether iam blocked by a friend(who iz not my friend)just i sent private messges.i dont know whether the friend recieved or not

  33. Muskan Says:

    Can u suggest me how 2 scrap al my frnz at a time .

  34. Bapun Says:

    @ Venom : You won’t be able to send scraps or messages to persons if they have blocked you. If you managed to send the message successfully, that means they have not added you to their ignore list yet.

    @ Muskan : Earlier i posted a trick to scrap all friends, but that’s not working anymore. Wait till I find a working trick.

  35. vickey Says:

    not working

  36. anuj walia Says:

    i juss dinn find out maah frnds email id….
    through thes tricks
    so pls kindly help me to find out the email id

  37. jai Says:

    @Bapun, somebody hack my orkut& gmail id how i can returnback.coz i try severl time forget password option that does’t work pls help me it’s urgent.
    thanks in advance

  38. Bapun Says:

    @ Jai : Read How to get back hacked orkut accounts.

  39. Rasheed Says:

    @ Bapun bhai….the trick whic u hav written is not working bhai…

    We are getting email id’s of our frnds , but not the invited frnds…

    plz do something bhaiya….request…

  40. Vilas Says:


    Please its really urgent. Please let me hoe to know the Email id of a friend without adding him.

  41. Bapun Says:

    2 Rasheed & Vilas : I have also mentioned that this trick is not working anymore. Kindly wait till I find a new working trick.

  42. kunal Says:

    bapun bahi,
    jab apan kisi ko frend reqest karte hai to vo apan ko us ki e mail id puchta hai ,,,how we can get his or her id?

  43. Bapun Says:

    @ Kunal : There is no solution to this presently :(

  44. minnat Says:

    it trick working but who can open his/her ac with his /her e mail is but not work there he was open his/her a/c with his/her gmail username.. o.kkkkk……….plz sed me another option i wANA required…

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