Someone Hacked My Orkut Account! How Can I Get it Back?

Hacking Orkut accounts is not a big deal for professional hackers and here I’ve also written a post on the steps hackers follow to hack a Orkut account. Since it’s your account, you need to take maximum care of your account. If you act careless with your account, there is a chance of getting your Orkut profile hacked. This is not a though task to protect your account, all you need is to follow some simple rules while on Orkut. Of course, I will talk about the steps you need to take to get back hacked Orkut account, but before that here are the steps you MUST follow to protect your account.

What should I do?

  1. Change your Orkut account password at least once a month. And yup, don’t even think of using any of your old password again.
  2. Change your account security question and it’s answer frequently.
  3. If you find any community in your community list without your knowledge, unjoin it immediately. If you feel anything fishy about this, report abuse that community.
  4. If you see any person in your friends list without your approval, delete him immediately.
  5. If you are using a public computer, sign out each time you are done with Orkut.

What should NOT I do?

  1. Never share your password with anyone. (Not even with your girl friend, you never know when you guys will break up :P )
  2. Never use any third party javascript codes on Orkut. Some scripts are specially designed to hack people’s account passwords.
  3. Never click on any link from Orkut. Hackers use some malicious link codes to hack accounts.
  4. Never allow any other site to access your Orkut account for any reason. (Ex :,
  5. Never select the “Remember me on this computer” option if you are not using your personal system.

Read the complete Orkut account security guide : How hackers hack Orkut accounts!

Get back hacked orkut account

How can I get back my hacked Orkut account!

Getting your hacked Orkut profile back is not a easy task though. If you are planning to appeal against this illegal hacking of your account, you need to provide them all your account related details. They need these details to confirm if you are the real owner of that account or not.

Report Google about this hacking and appeal to do the needful here. Generally they take 2-3 days of time to investigate and reply. If your Gmail ID was associated with Orkut account and you can’t access any of your Google services, they will try to communicate with you on your secondary email address. If you don’t have access to your secondary email address anymore, you can mention that thing in the appealing form, but then you have to provide them other account related informations accurately.

Following the above step will help you in getting back your hacked account in a short period of time. But remember to change your password as soon as you get back your account and never repeat your mistakes again. If you need any more assistance, use our Orkut Help Forum or comments section below.

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4 Responses to “Someone Hacked My Orkut Account! How Can I Get it Back?”

  1. Mohit Gupta Says:

    well this is good work but all things should be practical.

  2. Bapun Says:

    @ Mohit : I guess, all the above tips are practical. None of them are like if you had opened your Orkut account by 1947…

  3. arpit Says:

    my account has been disabled by Google and it’s almost 4 months but still i cant log in. it contains all my photos and many friends stuff what to do now whenever i try to change password or email id it says “your account has been disabled”

    and when ever i try to log in to it it says same.

  4. Bapun Says:

    @ Arpit : Read this

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