Orkut Colour Scrap Generator Toolkit

Orkut colour scrap generator toolkit will make your scraps colourful. If you want to post scraps with random colours, this toolkit will do your job in seconds. You don’t have to do anything manually, simply write your text and press the button to add colour to your typed words. Colour scrap generator formats your text instantly and provides the scrap code. This toolkit uses random colours for each of your typed characters.

Visit Orkut Colour Scrap Generator. Enter your text in “Enter Your Text” field and click on “Generate Coloured Text”. Scroll down to the bottom box to find your scrap code. I have added a Preview button for your convenience. Simply click on the Preview button to see your scrap with colours. You can edit your line and create as many coloured text lines as you want.

Colour scrap generator for Orkut scraps

Since Orkut allows scraps to have a maximum of 1024 characters, I have added a small script to show the no of characters in your scrap. Look at the left bottom area.

You can use these coloured text for scraps, testimonials, community messages, about me (profile field) etc. Start sending coloured Orkut scraps to your friends and express your feelings with colour now.

TIP : You may like to create stylish Orkut text first and then add colour to that.

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