Orkut Gtalk Chat Settings Tutorial

Gtalk is one of the most popular integrations on Orkut. Gradually Orkut is experiencing less no of scarps on scrapbooks and high usages of Gtalk chat feature. People love this because it’s convenient, easy to communicate and fast. However, all of us don’t know that we can customize Gtalk chat windows on orkut interface according to our needs. Orkut provides a handful of options to get this small Gtalk chat window customized according to our needs. Let’s know how to customize it.

It’s not necessary to use GTalk the way it appears. We can set it to show limited number of online friends or all friends. Simply click on the Options button. You can find it on the left bottom side of Orkut pages. Once you click on it, it will pop upĀ  a window with various options.

    gtalk settings

  • First section is on Gtalk login and help. Click on Sign out of chat to get signed out or click on Sign into chat to start chatting. You can click on Help link to find some help topics.
  • Second section is on sound settings. If you want to enable sound while chatting (you will hear a sound when someone sends you a chat message), click on Yes, else No.
  • Third section is the customization section. Here you can change the look of the Gtalk chat window. You can either choose Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, All Contacts options. In general you may need to select Medium but if you want to see all contacts or if you have got a large no of online friends, choose All Contacts.
  • Fourth and last section deals with preference. These options will help you in displaying your friends list either in an alphabetical order or in the most popular order. Most Popular means it will show the name of your online friends whom you buzz the most and Alphabetical order will just sort them alphabetically.

These are the basic settings of Gtalk on Orkut. You can also navigate to Settings >> Chat for additional chat settings. Enjoy chatting with your Orkut friends on Gtalk.

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