Orkut Theme Creator Will Create Your Own Orkut Themes Instantly

As I promised earlier, here is the new Orkut theme creator to create your own orkut themes. Now, you don’t have to look for pre made Orkut themes. Use your favourite pictures to create your own orkut themes. I have added the script here and it’s live now. Start creating your own Orkut themes now.

First things first. You need to have Firefox and Greasemonkey for this. Download Firefox browser and Greasemonkey script and install on your computer first. if you have them already, read ahead.

create your own orkut themes

How To Create Your Own Orkut Themes Instantly :

1. Get an image first. You can use images from your computer or may link to any online image also.

2. Just make sure that your image is at least 800px wide, else theme will not look good.

3. Now  go to www.darkorkut.com/themes.

4. If you are linking to an online image, give the link in the box and hit Submit. If want to use a image from your computer, scroll down to the browse button, choose an image from your computer and hit Submit.

5. Now you will see a page with ‘Install Theme‘ link. Click on that link to install the theme.

6. You have just created and installed an Orkut theme for your profile. You are done.

Useful Tips orkut tips

1. It’s advised to use images will black or blue theme. These colour formats create attractive themes.

2. If you are uploading images from your computer, theme creation process will take some time depending upon your image size.

3. You can always make more themes and install on your computer. Newer theme will replace any older theme on your computer.

4. This Orkut theme will be visible to you ONLY.

5.  Uninstalling Greasemonkey script will disable this feature also. These themes are Greasemonkey script dependent.

6. This works only on Firefox with Greasemoneky. Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, Netscape don’t support this trick and hence you will see the default Orkut theme with these browsers.

7. Do not use any copyrighted images, please.

Detailed Tutorial With Screenshots :

How to prepare an Orkut theme with a link to an online image :

1. Create your Orkut theme tutorial

2. Create your Orkut theme tutorial

3. Create your Orkut theme tutorial

4. Create your Orkut theme tutorial

Your theme is ready and you are done.

How to prepare an Orkut theme using a picture from your computer :

1. Create your Orkut theme tutorial

2. Create your Orkut theme tutorial

3. Create your Orkut theme tutorial

4. Create your Orkut theme tutorial

5. Create your Orkut theme tutorial

That’s it. Now make your own orkut themes and enjoy. If you want to uninstall GreaseMonkey themes and use the default official theme, you can read this tutorial on how to remove or disable Orkut themes.

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7 Responses to “Orkut Theme Creator Will Create Your Own Orkut Themes Instantly”

  1. satheesh Says:

    hello i want to set my default orkut theme….. i created my own theme in orkut…. how can i change it plz tell me the procedure

  2. Bapun Says:

    @ Satheesh : Follow below steps.

    1. Right click on the GreaseMonkey icon (Look for a Monkey icon at the bottom right corner of Firefox)
    2. Choose “Manage user scripts” option
    3. Select the theme from left hand side menu
    4 . Click on Uninstall
    5. You are done.

    If you want to disable GreaseMonkey scripts temporarily, click on that monkey icon (left mouse button) and all GreaseMonkey scripts will get disabled.

  3. diya Says:

    hello can you plz tel me procedure for installing the themes using greasemonkey?? As of now i have created the java script from the above procedure now how we need to proceed it further??

  4. Gautam Says:

    Uhh… You have copied Orkutplus’s template… Very bad…. :(

  5. Bapun Says:

    @ Diya : Read the post once again. You have to install GreaseMonkey first and then install the theme.

    @ Gautam : Ooops, this was not in my mind. Sorry though :(

    Anyways, do you want me to remove this? :)

  6. Asif Says:

    i want this image in my orkut theme please help me

  7. Bapun Says:

    @ Asif : Use our to generate your themes. I can’t do them manually.

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