Disable or Block Scrap Notification Alerts on Orkut

Orkut displays a small pop up notification alert whenever you get a new scrap on your scrapbook. This is an advanced feature to get notified about your new scraps without visiting your scrapbook. At the mean time it might annoy you by making a pop up continuously until you open scrapbook and read that scrap. If you are writing messages on orkut or viewing someone’s album photos, it will act like a disturbing element, by diverting your look to it. Let’s know how to disable or block Orkut scrap notification alerts. Read the rest of this entry »

Hide, Block or Remove Advertisements Completely from Orkut Pages!

If you are worried about the way Orkut displays advertisement on it’s pages, here is the tutorial to block, hide or remove ads completely from Orkut pages. Earlier Orkut was showing ads below friend’s column, but now it moved the advertisement column above friend’s column and showing it on the top right bar. Well, since Orkut is free to everyone, advertisements are the only way left to run Orkut. Google is investing handsome amount of revenue to run Orkut and showing ads is just a small way to recover a part of that investment. But honestly, the ad placement making Orkut look ugly and unprofessional. Let’s know how to get rid of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Use Orkut GreaseMonkey Scripts on Google Chrome with Greasemetal

Google Chrome, Google’s official web browser came up with a lots of hope and expectations to grab a decent market share. Google chrome is light, fast, easy to operate but one of many drawbacks of this web browser is that you can’t expect to use addons. Recently Google upgraded and released Chrome’s newer version, but addon feature is still missing. So, if you want to use any third party scripts or addons, you must get them installed on your computer separately to work along with Chrome. Since we all were missing GreaseMoneky feature on Chrome, we can use a third party tool called Greasemetal. Greasemetal will allow us to use GreaseMoneky scripts on Google Chrome. Read the rest of this entry »

Phata Poster.. Nikla Hero!

Well, sorry for posting something completely off topic. But this is one of my memorable incidents and I wanted to share with you all. Finally after hosting few TV shows (yup, I am an TV anchor and was doing few shows for our local channels like ETV-Oriya, OTV etc), I am going to do a movie as the lead actor. This is a Oriya movie and recently the production house did it’s Mahurat here in Orissa. I am a bit excited about this project. Read the rest of this entry »

Forgot Orkut Password? How to Recover Orkut account Password!

There are people who tend to forget their password frequently and on the other hand there are people who can’t remember their Orkut password while trying to sign in after a long time. Well, this is normal and there is nothing to worry about. Anyone can easily recover forgotten Orkut password by following some simple steps. But those simple steps require you to answer your security question and some other informations. Even if you don’t remember the answer to your security question anymore, you can use your secondary email address to verify your identity. Let’s know the step by step process to recover forgotten Orkut password. Read the rest of this entry »

Login with Multiple Orkut Accounts Simultaneously on Firefox

Web browsers like Firefox use cookie system to track and serve website pages. Once you provide your account information, Firefox stores your account informations as a cookie file and opens the page with those details. Cookie system is designed to store one account information per site, making it impossible to open a website with multiple accounts at the same time. But if you have more than one Orkut accounts and want to get logged into all of them at the same time, you can take help of some Firefox addons. Firefox addons like CookiePie and CookieSwap will help you to open mulitple instances of Orkut or any other website under different usernames. Read the rest of this entry »

How Orkut Safety Filter Works!

Orkut is known as a social networking site to make new friends and stay connected with old pals. But with the increasing number of it’s users, you will find several inappropriate contents on Orkut. These inappropriate contents are, but not limited to adult photos, hate or abusive words, adult communities, offensive comments etc. These inappropriate contents are not suitable for minors who love to use Orkut and hence Orkut started Orkut safety filter. Orkut safety filter hides all inappropriate and offensive contents from your profile, you just see what are suitable for general viewing. Now you won’t get ashamed of opening Orkut in office or home. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Block Someone from Sending Scraps on Orkut

Few times we meet some irritating creatures on this largest social network, Orkut. Irritating can be defined in many ways, like sending unwanted scraps to you, sending spam messages, using abusive languages or you get irritated once you see their names on orkut. Just to prevent yourself from such people and use Orkut without much hassles, you can prefer to add them to your ignore list. Once ignored, they can never send you scraps, testimonials, messages or even friendship requests. Let’s know how to block someone from sending scraps on Orkut. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Delete, Edit or Create New Events on Orkut

Orkut events feature is designed to add more social convenience to your life. Being the social network, Orkut has started allowing people to manage their real life social events to their profiles and inform their friends about this. Now if you want to pass a new event message to your friend, simply create a new event and all your friends will get notified automatically. You can also edit or delete your events according to your schedule change. Let’s know how to add new events and how to edit or delete existing events on Orkut. Read the rest of this entry »

View Someone’s Photos even if She has Locked her Orkut Album

Since Orkut has allowed users to lock their albums so that no one can view their personal photos, many Orkut users started searching Google with keywords like, “how to see locked album photos”, ‘view orkut locked album pics”, “locked orkut album hack”, “see images from locked albums” etc. They also find some results, but none of them are working in reality. Sadly, there is no solution to hack into someone’s orkut album and see locked photos, but there is a trick to view anyone’s photo on Orkut in legal way, does not matter if she has locked her album or not. Read the rest of this entry »