5 Tips to Protect Your Privacy on Orkut

There are many incidents where people have faced hell because of Orkut. Orkut, one of the largest social community can really ruin your life and make it hell if you don’t respect your own privacy. There have been police cases, courts interference but we assume that we are not going to be a victim, ever! Let me warn you, if you are thinking so, that’s your over confidence and overconfidence always lands a person in trouble like over speed does. Here I’m giving my top 5 tips to protect your privacy and maintain a healthy social life on Orkut.

1. Remove your profile from Google search results

Most Orkut users are unaware of this fact that Google can index your Orkut profile and show in it’s search results. Now the whole world can see your profile on Google search results by just entering few of your details. Allowing Google to do this means you are exposing yourself before whole world.

Orkut privacy features

You should restrict Google from indexing and following your profile. To remove your profile from Google search results, navigate to Settings >> Privacy and select Hide Information. You are done. (Tip : Linking your Orkut profile with Google Accounts)

2. Allow friend requests from selected people only

Orkut is for developing relationships and hence many people join here to make new friends. Since not all are with good intentions, you should not allow unknown people to add you and view your personal informations such as scraps, photos, videos etc.

Provide email address to add as friend

You can restrict unknown people from sending friend requests by selecting one of three available options. You can either select to receive friend requests from friends of your friends, or from a selected region or from those people who is having your email ID. Select the best option for you.

3. Disable photo tagging option

If your friend is having one of your photos in his album, any of his friends can add a short identification batch AKA tag to that picture. Adding a tag to a picture means identifying a person from that photo and giving a link to his/her profile. When someone clicks on that tag, he will get redirected to your profile. This will expose your photos, even if you have locked your own photo album.

Disable photo tagging on Orkut

You can always disable photo tagging option by un ticking the Yes option under Privacy section. Doing this will keep your identity secure and protected.

4. Limit access to your profile

Would you like to share your personal photos, videos, scraps, testimonials with everyone? Showing your photos to everyone might lead to creating an another profile with your photos. Keeping scrapbook open to all will allow anyone to know your interactions with your friends. So, it’s better to keep them locked.

Lock Orkut profile options

Under Privacy section, you can allow selected people to view your scrapbook, send scraps, view photos, watch videos, see testimonials, read events. You can even hide photos from your friends. Take advantage of these security features.

5. Protect your Email address

Last but not the least. Our Email address is the key to our Orkut profile. People can send you friend requests if they know your email address. Email address is something very persoal and should not go public. hackers can hack your Orkut accounts by knowing your email address (Tip : How hackers hack Orkut accounts?). So, protecting your Orkut account should be a must-must decession.

hide email address on Orkut

You can find a option in the privacy section where you can select if you want to allow people to make a search with your email address and find your Orkut profile. Select “Don’t allow people to find me” option. (Tip : How to find anyone’s email address on Orkut)

Following above 5 tips will make your Orkut account more secure. If you are really serious about your privacy and don’t want others to interfer in this, follow all above steps.

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