Send Anonymous Scraps, Hiding Your Name on Orkut

Sending anonymous scraps on Orkut is a pretty fun trick. You can send scraps to your friends, write whatever you want in that scrap, but your friend will not be able to catch you. Your friend even won’t be able to drop a reply to that scrap sender also. This trick is known as anonymous scrap trick. Play this Orkut prank with your friends and surprise them.

anonymous orkut scraps trick

To post anonymous scraps and hide your identity on orkut, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to and open a new account. (Use any email ID to get registered)
  2. Sign in to your orkut profile with your new email and password.
  3. Write scraps and post in your friend’s scrapbook. You can post scraps in as many scrapbooks as you like.
  4. When you are done with scrap writing, it’s time to make them anonymous.
  5. Navigate to your Orkut profile’s Settings >> General >> My Account >> Delete my Orkut Account >> Delete Account to delete your Orkut profile. (Remember that you are deleting your newly created account, your original account is safe, don’t worry!)
  6. Now after the deletion of your Orkut profile, the scraps you sent and the scrap sender both will be marked as anonymous.
  7. You are done.

No one will be able to catch you ever until & unless you share this secret with them. Your scraps in your friend’s scrapbook will have no orkut profile associated with this. This is the anonymous scraps trick by hiding your name and profile.

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5 Responses to “Send Anonymous Scraps, Hiding Your Name on Orkut”

  1. shabeer Says:

    Cool Trick

  2. Prince Says:

    Hi! Bapun
    Nice trick
    but can u post some hack trick
    or any kind of a javascript to make my scrap appear topmost
    i mean it should always appear the first, before its read by my friend
    or my friend could receive some notification regarding my scrap, just as when we send someone a testimonial
    thanx man
    ur site rockz

  3. hfbaj Says:

    can i post anonymously on communities with the help of dark orkut?

  4. Bapun Says:

    @ Prince : I’ve already answered your questions in our Orkut Help Center.

    @ Hfbaj : Yes, you can. Read Invisible profile trick.

  5. kunal Says:

    hi bapan
    can u post m some cool orkut hack tricks
    or any trick by which i couldn’t get searched on orkut if sm1 tries so

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