Write Your Name in Stylish Orkut Fonts

Orkut is not just a website anymore, it’s a mania. Everyday thousands of people are making new accounts on Orkut and getting to know the meaning of scraps, testimonials etc. Since Orkut is so much popular now-a-days, people also do love to express themselves in Orkut style. You can use Orkut font and images to write your own name. If you can remember Orkut logos with some tall people’s pictures or medals, this post will excite you since I’m going to tell you the way to write your name or any text in those stylish Orkut fonts.

Write Names in Stylish Orkut Fonts

1. Navigate to Orkut words generator.

2. Type your name or any word in the given box.

3. Select the type of picture formats you want to use. Currently it supports people, medals and nature.

4. Click on Spell and it will automatically generate the Orkut images with your text.

5. You are done.

orkut font generator

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8 Responses to “Write Your Name in Stylish Orkut Fonts”

  1. mayur Says:

    orkut words generator is nt workin!!!!!!!!

  2. Bapun Says:

    @ Mayur : Sorry, that was a mistake. I mistyped few things there. Corrected now :)

  3. rockstar Says:

    this isn’t working for me at all

  4. rockstar Says:

    now its working

  5. Write Your Name in Stylish Orkut Fonts - Orkutadda.com - Orkut scraps, orkut graphics, orkut, scraps, html, graphics, glitter, codes, tools, layouts, profiles, scrapbook Says:

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  6. raj Says:

    hey how we can upload d people’s format name in our orkut… profile…

  7. friends forever Says:

    but how can i use darkout trick in orkut profile????

  8. Bapun Says:

    @ Friends Forever : Simply copy the image source and use in Orkut scraps ;)

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